Your Coach for Person and Professional Growth


Dynamic Coaching for Personal and Leadership Growth



Linda’s coaching style is question-driven, probing to the roots of the challenges you face. She brings perspective and strategy as she guides you to creative solutions.

She has coached individuals and teams in personal and professional growth for over 40 years. She will use her experience in large and growing churches to help you and your team grow.

Linda definitely wants to know your strengths and dreams. Then she helps you build from there. She allows you to glow in the lane that God created for you. She challenges you to grow while giving you permission to thrive in your calling. Sharonda Johnson



Linda’s messages equip and inspire her listeners to take action. She loves to tell stories from her own experiences that reveal her authenticity and honesty. She has often spoken in front of large audiences and is a dynamic speaker.

Linda set the bar high with an overwhelming teaching seminar that will be difficult to follow.