Leadership – from My Favorite Airline

On a recent trip, I sat in the same row as a ground systems manager for a large airline. There was a delay in leaving and boarding had been done in a non-standard way. Several of us commented on the change we had noticed and the longer delay caused by the changes.  The manager listened […]

Stand Your Ground

Christians around the world are being persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and executed for persisting in faith in Jesus Christ. I used to think I couldn’t stand up to a challenge like that. The bravery and determination of the 21 people killed on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea have demonstrated that ordinary people can remain true […]

Peace in the Storm

Recently I took on a second full time position to temporarily help at church. I find my mind scattered and pressured often. In those moments, I breathe deeply, remind myself God is not surprised and completely present, then settle in to peace that makes no human sense. Lately, I’ve done this several times each day. […]

Running on Empty?

Last month, my Pastor preached on the gift God gives of taking a day off every week. How often I have refused to take that gift! When I was younger, I didn’t value rest. It seemed a total waste of time. How ironic that as I get older and could view my life as having […]