Leadership Tip #4 from the Garden

Heed the seasons Pay attention to the rhythms of your organization and the people you lead Work with those rhythms, not against them Allow for and create seasons of rest Find the best in each season and enjoy it

Leadership Tip #2 from the Garden

Prune with care Study the plant first Evaluate the best shape for future growth Prune at the right time for each plant Prune only enough to produce much fruit Processes and systems need evaluation regularly. Keep them simple Teams need evaluation, too. Prune carefully and prayerfully.

Becoming Wise

Wisdom is highly prized in God’s economy. He says we should do everything possible to get it and give up anything necessary to acquire it. God’s wisdom is based in relationship with Him. When we ask God for wisdom He gives it in great measure. Wisdom requires us to look at what’s really down deep […]