Volunteers are amazing, talented, gifted people who choose to serve freely for a cause. As a leader of people who choose to serve, I’ve learned to:

  • highly prize and treasure each person
  • listen closely to their ideas and solutions
  • thank them…often
  • never take their service for granted
  • always assume the best intentions of each one

and to serve them with:

  • clear direction
  • great resources
  • regular, meaningful communication

About Linda Parkhouse

Jesus-follower, leader, pastor, friend, wife, mother, quilter and gardener. I love sharing about leadership and other topics.

2 Responses

  1. Linda,
    One of the things I have encouraged nonprofit staff to do is to volunteer for another organization (not related to the one they work for). Ones who do this get a much better appreciation for the sacrifices their volunteers make. The new perspective also helps in understanding how to meet the needs of volunteers and how to show appreciation. I know first hand that you do this will. Thank you for sharing your support of volunteers.

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