What Do You See?

What we see is most often the result of our filters. We see through pain, our perspective,  and the facts we know (without the ones we lack).

Vision is impaired unless we take off our filters and examine  a matter from every angle, especially from the perspective of people who don’t think or live like we do.

Vision is also impaired by our first impressions. What do you use to get facts? Facebook? News feeds? Internet browsing? All of these require careful filtering and following research. Read many views, read the WHOLE article, read the critics. Put yourself in the best circumstance of another and ask what you feel, think, and conclude about the topic you’re examining.

Let our vision be clear.

About Linda Parkhouse

Jesus-follower, leader, pastor, friend, wife, mother, quilter and gardener. I love sharing about leadership and other topics.

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