Rest is your friend

The Huffington Post published an article on Type A individuals. Most leaders fall into the traps mentioned: driven to accomplish, competitive, uncomfortable when trying to rest, turning to fill every moment lest one be wasted. Although many of these have been true of me in the past, I’m growing up and I  encourage you to […]

If you love me…

““If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” (Jesus in John 14:15) I read this when I was in college and believed with all my heart that to demonstrate love to God I had to do everything He told me to do in the Bible. Well, that was quite a long list of to […]

Freedom – Every Day

Our church is providing a course and conference combo that leads people to be free of their past in a healthy way. The course provides a foundation to live on day by day and the conference offers an environment for being set free in areas we all tend to have difficulty in. [Church of the […]