In an unexpected moment life can change. A sudden injury, the death of someone close, role or job changes, a life-altering medical diagnosis – all are suddenly moments.

Jesus had a lot of suddenly moments. Suddenly they were at the other side of a lake. Suddenly the woman bleeding for 12 years was healed. Suddenly a dead child came back to this life.

When suddenly moments happen, it is wise to lean into my friendship with God and with people near me. This isn’t usually my first thought. I tend to try to fix things myself and think I’d inconvenience people if i asked for help. Pride blocks me from receiving help offered. I’m beginning to see these as the times to listen deep to God’s love messages and coaching, and to receive the help people offer.

Practice one of these:

1. Look for someone in a suddenly moment and do more than the minimum to help.

2. Decide who you will call when your next suddenly moment comes and spend time investing in those friendships before the unexpected help is needed. Spend time enjoying and loving them not to one day take from them, but to store up deposits of joy and love to make withdrawals from later.

About Linda Parkhouse

Jesus-follower, leader, pastor, friend, wife, mother, quilter and gardener. I love sharing about leadership and other topics.

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