This word can be used in several ways, like live bait for fishing and to live life. I’m going to talk about the latter. I was out for a walk a couple days ago and thought about the “highlight reel” of lives in the Bible. We read them quickly and jump from highlight to highlight […]

Words Matter

A friend of mine posted these questions on Instagram. How do you talk to yourself? Would you talk to anyone else like that? Think about it.

Rest is your friend

The Huffington Post published an article on Type A individuals. Most leaders fall into the traps mentioned: driven to accomplish, competitive, uncomfortable when trying to rest, turning to fill every moment lest one be wasted. Although many of these have been true of me in the past, I’m growing up and I  encourage you to […]

If you love me…

““If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.” (Jesus in John 14:15) I read this when I was in college and believed with all my heart that to demonstrate love to God I had to do everything He told me to do in the Bible. Well, that was quite a long list of to […]

Freedom – Every Day

Our church is providing a course and conference combo that leads people to be free of their past in a healthy way. The course provides a foundation to live on day by day and the conference offers an environment for being set free in areas we all tend to have difficulty in. [Church of the […]

Rest and Freedom

When I am rested and refreshed, I make much better decisions than when I’m not. Have you noticed that for yourself?  When I’m tired, I choose “couch potato” over exercise and wise food choices. I find myself reviewing the day through a negative filter. When I focus on God moment by moment and relax in […]

Leading Through Change

We all handle change differently. Some race to accept it (usually leaders), some warm to it over time (majority), and some don’t embrace it until there is no other option. William Bridges wrote a great book on the topic – Managing Transitions – in which he described all change as loss. When leaders understand that […]